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Movie Quotes Tag

The Song Game and more

The Movie Quotes Tag [and Song Game] community
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Movie Quotes Tag and other games

Movie Quotes Tag

The Rules:

Rule #1: Using IMDB is cheating. You can use it to look up or be inspired for your own quotes when you have gotten a quote right, but not for answering.

Rule #2: For every movie quote you get right, you get to give three [3] more movie quotes in return for others to guess. You do not have to say who said the line in question if you don't want to. Title of the movie is sufficient. Also, if someone guesses it before you, they get the three quotes for that movie. You only get the three quotes for the ones you guess before anyone else.

Rule #2b: If you don't want to come up with 15 quotes for guessing five right, you are not obligated to guess every movie you know or recognize. It is okay to leave some for others.

Rule #3: Please wait for confirmation your guess was correct before posting your three quotes.

Rule #4: Please reply to the original LJ post, and not to the guess above when posting your three new quotes to keep threadfall to a minimum. We have no dragons.

Rule #5: Try not to use the same movies over and over again. Try also not to use stuff that's less than 90 days old for spoiler prevention purposes.

The Song Game

1) Post the name of a song that connects with a word in the song before it ("Soul Man" connects to "Simple Man").

2) No connection word can be used three posts in a row ("Soul Man" connecting to "Simple Man" could NOT connect to "Secret Agent Man", but would connect to "The Simple Life"). Watch out for this one; you need to read the prior three posts before adding a new song title.

3) You can only post a song title every 4 posts (i.e., there must be at least 3 posts between any two of your posts).

4) A word can connect to its plural or possesive form ("Man" can connect to "Men" or "Man's".

5) A compound word ( ie Hometown) does not connect to any of the single words in the compound word. (ie hometown would not connect to home or town, or Fearless does not connect to fear or less)

6) PLEASE bold your connecting word, this will help the next person (and the mods who are trying to run the games) (two bolded words in a row is a no-no).

How to bold: Type this: <B>word to be bolded goes here</B>

7) Make sure you post the correct title of whatever song it is that you are linking. We are all music fans and know a lot of tunes so chances are someone will be able to point out the mistake, and if the name is wrong, that kind of defeats the whole purpose of an Song Flow linking titles in the first place.

Your Moderators

In reverse alphabetical order:

jennilee_rose ("Cute and Fluffy!"--Lilo and Stitch)
indigoskynet ("Seno Akta Gamat!" -- The Fifth Element)
talmanes ("All the ways you wish you could be, that's me." -- Fight Club)
apocalypsos Emeritus

Community Rules

In the spirit of the Movie Quotes Tag Game, the rules are quotes.

Rule #1:
"Be excellent to each other." -- Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
In other words, play nice. No flaming, no meanieheadedness, no rudeness.

Rule #2:
"No bringing people back from the dead. It's disgusting. I don't like doing it. So don't ask." -- Disney's Aladdin
What the moderators say goes. If somebody got to a quote before you did, just relax. Somebody will post again with something you will be able to guess. Promise.

Rule #3:
"Zimmerman Flew, Tyler Knew -- Turk 182" -- Turk 182
Moderators will do their best to keep up with posting the solved movies and the names of those who guessed right. Be patient. These games get fast and furious when they get going, so don't feel slighted if your name doesn't go up on the guessed list.

Rule #4:
Did Bernulli sleep before he found the curves of quickest descent?" -- Spider-Man 2
We have three, possibly four moderators. We need sleep. We have jobs. See above about be patient? Be really, really patient.

Rule #5:
When will you be home, honey?
When I'm home.
-- The Stepford Wives [2004]
When are games posted?

The original schedule on indigoskynet was once every two weeks with refreshers. apocalypsos randomly had hers whenever the mood struck her. jennilee_rose posted on the original Song Game community whenever the mood struck her. talmanes is new, but tries to post often, and his games seem to go on forever -- unanswered quotes are all rounded up and reposted on Monday and Friday, devalueing by one quote owed for every time they are repeated until they become free to answer.

So we'll go with the MQT schedule to start. One game every two weeks, giving people a chance to answer and find/think of/locate more interesting quotes.